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Practice Staff Superstar Award

Know someone outstanding in their work? BGMS launched the Practice Staff Superstar Award in 2020 as a way to celebrate great work, positive customer service attitudes, and so much more of an outstanding practice staff. The pandemic and several disasters have given plenty of opportunity for practice staff to rise above and go beyond.

Please send in your nominations for the 2023 award to Bridget McBride, Associate Director, at bmcbride@bgmsonline.org by October 1st.

2021 Practice Staff Superstar Award

Juanita Roman of North Valley Internal Medicine was chosen for the 2021 Practice Staff Superstar Award for her excellent customer service and caring personality.

2020 Practice Staff Superstar Award

In the Fall of 2020, the Practice Staff Superstar Awards were presented virtually. The BGMS Board started discussing possible candidates in 2019 and by the time we got back on our feet after the pandemic hit in summer 2020, we had two candidates for the inaugural 2020 awards. Congratulations again to Jana Gilbert, Clinic Coordinator of Chico Eye Center, and to Lorretta Sampson, Operations Manager at Paradise Medical Group. Jana and Lorretta were nominated because of their ability to go above and beyond in leading their teams and providing excellent care for patients.

Lorretta was noted for her excellent work during and after the Camp Fire as PMG relocated from Paradise to Chico within a very short amount of time. Patients were able to continue their care almost seamlessly. PMG Pediatrics is now based in Chico and PMG Adult Medicine returned to Paradise in 2019. Jana, too, was noted for keeping their clinic operating smoothly through the Camp Fire. During the pandemic, Jana’s superstar shown brighter as she found ways to keep Chico Eye Center running smoothly.

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