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Leadership in Healthcare Award

BGMS' motto (it's written in our By-Laws!) is Leadership in Healthcare. The first award (2019) was presented to Dr. Phillip Filbrandt for his leadership of the Butte Glenn Opioid Safety Coalition over the Years. The 2020 award went to Dr. Richard Thorp for his decades-long leadership as CMA President, BGMS President and so much more.

Congressman LaMalfa presents Richard Thorp, MD with resolutions honoring his leadership efforts, February 19, 2020.

Click here to read more about the Dr. Richard Thorp's 2020 Leadership in Healthcare Award.

BGMS' 2021 Leadership in Healthcare Award was presented to Dr. Sean Liston, who deserves recognition for his outstanding work as President of BGMS from 2016-2018 and now as President of Healthy Rural California. He serves in leadership roles at CMA, and previously with the AMA. We thank Dr. Liston for his continual service

Please send in your nominations for the 2023 award to Bridget McBride, Associate Director, at bmcbride@bgmsonline.org by October 1st.

California Medical Association Awards
Congratulations to Dr. Joanne Reid for receiving CMA's 2022 Compassionate Service Award for her leadership of the Rural Health Clinic in Willows, Glenn County. And congratulations to Dr. Dannielle Harwood for receiving CMA's 2022 Gary Nye Award. Please feel free to send in your nominations to Bridget McBride, Associate Director, at bmcbride@bgmsonline.org who you would like to nominate in April 2023 for the 2023 awards!

CMA award information and nominations information are available at:

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