Butte Glenn Medical Society

Get Involved

As membership organizations led by physicians, you have many opportunities to gain even more value by engaging with other members and leadership opportunities.

Butte-Glenn Medical Society
  • Ask to be involved with one of our committees: Public Health and Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force
  • Volunteer for high school sports physicals screenings
  • Join us at a wellness event
  • Run for a leadership position on our board
  • Become a physician champion and become a mentor for physicians who are new to BGMS or new to our community
  • Write editorial letters for our website and future publications
  • Be a social media ambassador
California Medical Association
  • Join TACs such as the Diversity & Inclusion TAC
  • Through BGMS Board of Director positions you become eligible to be a CMA Delegate, Alternate Delegate, District 11 Trustee, and others.
  • Contribute to CMA's publications
  • And much more!
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