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Preventing Overdose

Naloxone / Narcan

Naloxone access and education has been a crucial part of the response to the rising danger of opioid overdoses. Recently, in 2023, 4mg nasal naloxone received FDA over-the-counter certification making it available at pharmacies without prescription greatly increasing access to populations around the country. In California, there is a state wide program that provides FREE naloxone (both nasal and intramuscular) to anyone. Check out the locations that distribute FREE Narcan in Butte.

  • Healthy Rural California
    • 1950 Notre Dame Blvd Suite 200, Chico - (530)487-7061
  • Aegis Treatment Center
    • 590 Rio Lindo Ave, Chico - (530)876-2547
  • North Valley Harm Reduction Coalition
    • 171 E 18th St, Chico- (530)332-8065
  • Enloe Medical Center
    • 1531 Esplanade, Chico - (530)809-6003
  • Adventist Health
    • 5125 Skyway, Paradise - (530)876-2547
  • Northern Valley Indian Health
    • 845oEast Ave, Chico - (530)896-9400
    • 1990 Concord Ave, Chico - (530)809-3300
  • CSU Chico WellCat Health Center
    • 601 Warner St, Chico - (530)898-5241
  • Butte County Behavioral Health
    • 560 Cohasset Rd, Chico - (530)879-3950
    • 3430 Bird St, Oroville - (530)538-7277
  • Stonewall Alliance
    • 358 E 6th St, Chico - (530)893-3336
Good Samaritan Laws
California’s 911 Good Samaritan Law provides limited protection from arrest, charge and prosecution for people who seek emergency medical assistance at the scene of a suspected drug overdose
This law protects:
  • The person overdosing and the person calling for help
  • Possession of paraphernalia or other drugs

This law however does NOT protect against:
  • Selling, providing, giving or exchanging of drugs
  • Probation or parole violations
  • Other crimes, such as driving under the influence
  • Obstructing first responders


Providing accurate and up to date information in cultural and demographic appropriate methods is a leading tool used by a range of organizations. From classrooms, to events, to interactions during outreach spreading this information equips members of our community to save their own and others’ lives.

Testing Strips
Given the rise in fentanyl contaminated drug supply, people who are not intending to use fentanyl are getting exposed, increasing the rate of overdose. To address this concern, organizations have been able to provide fentanyl test strips. These tests are not 100% effective and have room for error, however, they can provide more information and reduce the risk of overdose.
As the drug market changes, new contaminants and adulterants are appearing. Currently, there are rising instances of xylazine or tranq across the country and here in Butte and Glenn County. Xylazine test strips work in the same way fentanyl test strips work, giving more information to a person.
Get test strips at these locations:
  • Aegis Treatment Center
    • 590 Rio Lindo Ave, Chico - (530)876-2547
  • North Valley Harm Reduction Coalition
    • 171 E 18th St, Chico - (530)332-8065
Medication Disposal
There are many reasons a person may have unused or unneeded medication, leaving it in a medicine cabinet alongside other pills. There are some medications that carry a significant risk while left unsecured and unwatched, specifically opioid. Accidental ingestion of medication can cause a person to overdose. It is best practice to keep medication in a secure location and dispose of any unused medication at designated sites. Flushing or throwing away medication can have an impact on the environment or lead to medication being found by another person. See where your nearest medication disposal site is located.
  • Butte Regional Household Hazardous Waste Facility
    • 1101 Marauder Street Chico - (530) 879-6900
  • Feather River Health Center Pharmacy
    • 5125 Skyway Paradise - (530) 876-2525
  • Glenn County Sherriff’s Department
    • 543 Oak Street Willows - (530) 934-6441
    • 821 East South Street Orland - (530) 934-6441
  • Oroville Police Department
    • 2055 Lincoln Blvd Oroville - (530) 538-2448
  • Walgreens Pharmacy
    • 860 East Ave Chico - (530) 899-0887
  • Orchard Hospital
    • 240 Spruce Street Gridley - (530) 846-9000

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