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Physician Wellness

Physician Wellness
We care about you! Physicians are often focused on taking care of others. The demands on physicians have increased. Stress and burnout are being reported at higher levels than ever before.

The Butte-Glenn Medical Society launched our Physician Wellness Program in February 2019 because of the growing need in general, but also in response to the Camp Fire in November 2018. Many physicians and their families lost homes, and their practices. Some left the area. Those who stayed continued to provide care to the community even with their personal losses. In addition, physicians are now caring for patients who are struggling with their losses.

We partner with the California Psychologists Association, whose local Pacific Cascades Chapter lost 3 of their 5 board members after the fire. On March 23, physician members met with psychologist Daniel Rockers, President of the California Psychologists Association, and met Dr. Rockers' colleagues.

The Physician Wellness Program is open and available to all physicians in Butte and Glenn counties, regardless of membership in BGMS/CMA. We received funding for this program from our colleagues at other medical societies throughout California. Membership also supports this program.

Group gatherings
Social, supportive and fun, group gatherings are for physicians to connect and reenergize. Connect with other physicians and learn ways to strengthen resiliency. Some of these gatherings will be lead by the Psychologists Association or will be peer-to-peer only. We are seeking a physician champion to host monthly gatherings in their home. Physicians in Butte and Glenn counties are also invited to participate in group gatherings in Newcastle by Dr. Korman of Placer-Nevada County Medical Society. Social gatherings on the Third Thursday of every month will be held at Chico and Oroville area restaurants starting in May.
Physician's Lounge at Red Tavern in Chico on July 18th.

Individual Therapy Resources
If a physician is feeling stressed and feels the need to connect individually and confidentially, these professionals have offered to provide quick and timely one-on-one counseling:

Michael Clarke (530) 896-9400 ext. 2232

Jennifer Kennelly (530) 899-1005

Marv Megibow (530) 343-2075

Joyce Quaytuman (530) 895-3380 (not available 5/3/19 - 5/17/19)

Susan Tobin Grivey (530) 898-8446

Physician Wellness Survey
The wellness survey is being launched in partnership with Well Physicians California who is piloting a Stanford University Chief Wellness Officer program survey with hospital medical staffs and with groups in our area. Contact Kristy Bird MaKieve at BGMS if you are interested in knowing more: bgmsed@gmail.com.
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