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Inspire the Next Generation of Physicians!

In early 2019, the Butte-Glenn Medical Society Board of Directors voted to establish scholarships to inspire local students to pursue careers in medicine. The Board will form a committee of physicians who will help create the criteria for eligibility and review applications received. A fundraising campaign will launch in summer 2019. Applications will be posted on this website in December 2019, and will be due by March 2020 for consideration of the inaugural scholarships to be awarded in April 2020.

**2020 Scholarship Application now available**

High School Seniors from all Butte and Glenn County schools are welcome to apply for the high school scholarship.

Pre-Med program senior students at CSU Chico will also be eligible to apply for the college scholarship.

Butte-Glenn Medical Society physician leaders know that the road is long and difficult through medical school to residency and then starting to practice medicine. We hope these scholarships can be a beacon as students pursue their dreams, and perhaps consider coming back to the area to practice medicine. It is our goal to award these scholarships and to follow these students as they become healthcare leaders.

Scholarship Committee needs you!
If a physician would like to participate in the Board of Directors' Scholarship Committee, please contact Kristy Bird MaKieve, Executive Director of BGMS, at bgmsed@gmail.com or contact Dr. David Alonso, President. After launching the scholarships in 2019, the main function of the Committee will be to review applications and recommend final decisions. It's a rewarding effort.

Applications and Deadlines
Stay tuned for application criteria and details to be posted in October 2019 and applications open sometime in December 2019. Award decisions will be made in April 2020.

Donations Needed
The Butte-Glenn Medical Society Scholarships will be derived from 4% spin off of our current investment fund. Scholarship donations will increase the investment fund, enabling us to provide more funds each year in perpituity. Donations may be sent by check addressed to Butte-Glenn Medical Society, 25 Jan Court #130, Chico, CA 95928 and note clearly that these for "BGMS Scholarships."

Our goal is to raise $25,000 by the end of 2019 for the Butte-Glenn Medical Society Scholarships investment fund. Donate $1,000 or more and you or your organizaiton will receive a Donor plaque in recognition of your generous gift.

A 501(c)6 non-profit organization, the Butte-Glenn Medical Society advises everyone who donates to the scholarship funds to discuss tax implications with your accountant.

As residency programs are created in our counties and funds increased, we will consider additional scholarships.
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