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Inspire the Next Generation of Physicians!

The Butte-Glenn Medical Society Board of Directors presented our inaugural awards in April 2020. These scholarships are to inspire the next generation of physicians as we seek to address access to care issues in our region. One award is for a high school senior from any school in Butte or Glenn county and will be approximately $2,000. The other award is for a senior graduating from CSU Chico’s pre-med program and will be approximately $2,000. A CSU Chico pre-med senior student who intends to apply to medical school within 2 years of graduating for enrollment in either 2023 or 2024 is allowed to apply for this award. These scholarships are designed to be available in perpetuity on an annual basis.

High School Seniors from all Butte and Glenn County schools are welcome to apply for the high school scholarship.

Pre-Med program senior students at CSU Chico will also be eligible to apply for the college scholarship.

Butte-Glenn Medical Society physician leaders know that the road is long and difficult through medical school to residency and then starting to practice medicine. We hope these scholarships can be a beacon as students pursue their dreams, and perhaps consider coming back to the area to practice medicine. It is our goal to award these scholarships and to follow these students as they become healthcare leaders.

Applications and Deadlines

2023 Application due date: Friday, December 16, 2022 by 5 pm.

>> Click here for the 2023 scholarship application! <<

Email the completed application form to the BGMS Executive Director, Kristy Bird MaKieve, at bgmsed@gmail.com. Printed applications can be mailed to Butte-Glenn Medical Society, 1905 Notre Dame Blvd., Suite 240, Chico, CA 95928 but must be postmarked by December 2, 2022, due to delays in mail delivery due to COVID-19.

2022 Scholarship Award Winners

2022 Scholarship Award Winner. Pleasant Valley HS Senior, Omoefe Odiase.
2022 Scholarship Award Winner. CSU Chico Pre-med Senior, James Lawrence.

Previous Scholarship Award Winners

2021 Scholarship Award Winner. Willows HS Senior, Odalis Calzada.
2021 Scholarship Award Winner. Willows HS Senior, Odalis Calzada.
The BGMS Board gave a $250 donation to the CSU Chico Pre-med Club due to a lack of applications from students.
2020 Scholarship Award Winners. Top: Willows HS Senior, Daria Danley. Bottom: CSU Chico PreMed Senior, Kallie Griffin.
2020 Scholarship Award Winners. Top: Willows HS Senior, Daria Danley. Bottom: CSU Chico Pre-med Senior, Kallie Griffin.

Scholarship Committee needs you!
If a physician would like to participate in the Board of Directors' Scholarship Committee, please contact Kristy Bird MaKieve, Executive Director of BGMS, at bgmsed@gmail.com or contact Dr. Bill Whitlatch, President. After launching the scholarships in 2019, the main function of the Committee will be to review applications and recommend final decisions. It's a rewarding effort.

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