Butte Glenn Medical Society

Locate A Physician

Here is a list of primary care providers who we believe will accept new patients, but this data is from December 2018. We cannot guarantee that appointments can be made soon. If you have an urgent medical need in the Chico area, please go to Prompt Care with Enloe or other urgent care centers or to the Enloe Medical Center Emergency Room. Other emergency care is available at Oroville Hospital and at Orchard Hospital in Gridley.

Ampla Health in Magalia

Paradise Medical Group relocated at the end of November to Chico. They hired a Nurse Practitioner and are utilizing Telehealth in order to see more patients. They may be able to take Medicare covered patients.

Direct payment or concierge payment primary care: Chico Primary Care and Premier Primary Care

Mangrove Medical Group

At least one Native American or Tribal group has been able to prioritize Camp Fire survivors, even if not Native American. Try contacting these providers in Chico.

Specialty physician referral reqeusts: email our Executive Director at bgmsed@gmail.com. We hope to have an updated directory by June 28, 2019.
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