Butte Glenn Medical Society

Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership
Reimbursement and Insurance Company Guidance
CMA's Center for Economic Services is a powerhouse, helping physicians throughout California with $1 Billion in reimbursements. Don't give up on a reimbursement until you contact CES!

Advocacy and Policy
Butte-Glenn Medical Society, our region in CMA's District 11 and the California Medical Association lead organized medicine. Together, physicians have a seat at the table rather than being on the menu. Your membership in BGMS and CMA amplifies your voice. Members lead the conversation.

Stay Informed
BGMS and CMA connect members with latest legislation, defending scope of practice, protecting MICRA, sharing ways to improve quality of care and how to increase access to care in our community.

Solo or small practice physicians or physicians in larger groups will find value in our network. Part of the joy of medicine is the ability to refer a patient to someone you know and have met in person. This network is the core of Butte-Glenn Medical Society membership. It's also the core of our community's needs for finding the care they need to be healthy.

Physician Wellness
Physicians work hard to provide wellness for patients. We care about you. Butte-Glenn Medical Society has partnered with the California Psychologists Association to create a new program for group and social engagement as well as provide a network to provide confidential individual care. We're also partnering with Well Physicians California to create group, regional and statewide surveys.
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