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COVID-19 News Updates


Butte-Glenn Medical Society is working hard to keep up-to-the-minute with the information physicians and practice staff need to know about COVID-19. Here are resources from local, state and federal agencies. We urge all physicians, providers and staff to prepare by ordering the appropriate quantities of PPE to protect everyone who will be in contact with patients who show signs of the virus. Questions about PPE reimbursements still remain. Testing materials are also not readily available due to some supply chain issues. We defer to the Public Health Officers for the latest testing information.

We urge primary care practices to establish telehealth practices immediately. CMS announced on March 19 that all telehealth consultations will be reimbursed at the same amount as in-person. Using the phone or Zoom (which is HIPAA compliant) to interact with patients enables them to maintain social distancing and for the practice to remain protected. Testing locations for COVID-19 are best when separated from areas where patients will be, such as waiting rooms. There are many resources to help practices set up Telehealth for free. Contact the California Telehealth Network for more information. There are paid services available, as well, such as Teledocs.

On March 19, we heard that a 10 physician group in Ventura closed. One physician tested positive for COVID-19, and the others are waiting for their test results. With access to care already an issue in rural counties such as Butte and Glenn, we cannot afford to have practices shut down. Please do everything you can to protect yourselves.

Paradise Medical Group is accepting new patients at the Paradise and Chico clinics and they offer Teleheatlh capabilities through Teledocs.

Enloe Medical Center has established a testing site away from the hospital.

We will add to this list as more information becomes available. Please note that BGMS is suspending all monthly Physician Lounge group meetings in Chico and Oroville in March and possibly April. We know these social gatherings provide wonderful support for many physicians. We explore online meet-ups using Zoom in the near future. Board of Directors, Task Force, Women in Medicine, and Committee meetings will be moved to Zoom. Please contact Kristy at bgmsed@gmail.com with questions or suggestions.

Be Well Physicians: Our program continues for individual support! These times are very stressful. Please do not hesitate to click on this page and seek individual therapy or coaching with the local wellness consultants listed on the physician wellness page.

The California Medical Association will update their news daily and will send a weekly email compiling their information. CMA's daily press clips keep members up to date on the latest health care news and information affecting the practice of medicine in California. To manage your subscription to this and other CMA publications, visit cmadocs.org/news/subscribe.

CMA's Call Center is available during regular business hours at (800) 786-4262 or at cmadocs.org. Due to this pandemic, CMA is no longer requiring that small and solo practices be members which means that BGMS membership is also available for 2020 at no cost. BGMS is best contacted by email at bgmsed@gmail.com.

Please note: Membership is the main revenue source for BGMS. We cannot be sustainable without membership. Please consider membership when this pandemic is cleared.

Click here to review what has been happening at the Federal level as compiled by Senator Nielsen's office. BGMS and CMA continue to work closely with all local, state and federal legislators to ensure that physicians and all providers are able to address this pandemic proactively and thoroughly.

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