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Butte-Glenn Opioid Coalition

Butte-Glenn Opioid Coalition
Butte-Glenn Opioid Coalition: Helping our Community

Butte-Glenn Medical Society has been a leader through our Butte-Glenn Medical Society Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force since 2013. In order to address the changing needs in our community, we partner closely with county efforts and other coalitions. The Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force continues as part of the Butte Youth Now Coaltion. Over the years, new efforts to address the growing opioid epidemic developed.

In 2018, a new group formed with guidance from California Opioid Safety Coalition and Public Health Institute's Accelerator Program. This new coalition, while still closely partnering with the Task Force and BYNC, was formalized as the Butte Glenn Opioid Coalition (BGOC). BGOC looks at all efforts related to fighting the opioid epidemic, from prevention to harm reduction. BGOC includes Glenn County efforts, as well.

In August 2019, the Butte-Glenn Medical Society Board of Directors approved by majority vote to support efforts to fund a Syringe Services Program. The letter that was shared during the public comment phase of the program's application period is here:

This letter refers to compelling data that demonstrates the safety and efficacy of harm reduction efforts: https://www.cdc.gov/ssp/

The Butte Glenn Opioid Coalition will formalize its new governance structure in September 2019 and will conduct strategic planning in October 2019. Stay tuned as we find ways to communicate our work.

Butte County Opioid Website: Our mission is to help combat negative outcomes of opioid use and misuse in our community. By working together, we can provide education and local treatment resources for our region’s residents.

Butte Youth Now Website: The coaltion is a gathering of community leaders, stakeholders, and youth who convene to strategize solutions and make commitments to support prevention efforts aimed at reducing alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and violence in all communities and cultures throughout Butte County.

Glenn County Alliance for Prevention: The Glenn County Alliance for Prevention (GCAP) coalition is a standing committee of community members working together to support a safe, healthy and substance-free community for all. Subcommities focus on marijana/tobacco and opioids.
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